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​​Freqently Asked Questions

  1. 1
    Who must attend the divorce education classes?
    If you have filed a petition for divorce, paternity or change in custody and have a child under the age of 18.
  2. 2
    What will happen if parents or their children do not attend the divorce education classes?
    The Judge may choose not to grant the divorce or may hold a parent in contempt of court.
  3. 3
    If I live in Florida and my spouse whereabouts are unknown, does that mean that I cannot get a divorce?
    No. You can still get a divorce. In Florida this is called a divorce by publication. This involves additional documents, and steps in order for your divorce to be finalized.
  4. 4
    I cannot afford the filing fee to the clerk of the court to file for divorce. Can I get my filing fee waived?
    Individuals with low income may qualify for indigent status with the clerk of courts. Based on the application, the clerk determines whether the applicant qualifies for civil indigent status, and court filing fees may be waived.
  5. 5
    Can my spouse refuse to give me the divorce? What is my spouse does not agree to divorce?
    If there are children, and a person answers a petition for dissolution of marriage by denying that the marriage is irretrievably broken, then the court may order the parties to counseling and may delay the proceedings for up to three months.
  6. 6
    Do we have to file for a divorce in the county where we reside?
    No. If either you or your spouse has met the residence requirement of residing in the State of Florida for at least the past six months, you may file in any county within the state of Florida.
  7. 7
    I cannot afford my child support obligation as ordered. Can I modify the amount in which I pay?
    Modification of child support is always possible, but there must be a substantial and material change in circumstances in the income, usually of the parent who is paying the child support.
  8. 8
    How much child support will I have to pay?
    The amount of child support that the one parent pays is determined by the Florida Child Support Guidelines. There is a formula that is used to calculate the amount of child support to be paid by both the parents. http://www.alllaw.com/calculators/Childsupport/Florida http://www.alllaw.com/calculators/Childsupport/Florida